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SpreadsheetWEB is an integrated Microsoft Excel plug-in that aids in the production of web-based applications created from Excel spreadsheets. While it maintains simplicity and ease-of-use, after only a few uses it can become vital in creating complex web-based applications such as high-performance online calculators, web applications used to capture and analyze data, web forms using data-via-email features, online charting applications, and many more.

SpreadsheetWEB consists of two major parts: the wizard and the control panel. The wizard is found within the excel add-on menu, integrated into Microsoft Excel for easy and reliable access. It functions as a gateway for your excel file to reach the web application stage. It is used to convert the excel file (without modifying it) into a rich and well-designed web application while maintaining the ability to keep the look and feel of your excel file. The control panel is used to then take control of the web application while keeping tabs on the users and groups, as well as setting access privileges. 

Key Benefits and Features

  • Ability to create web applications from Excel spreadsheets in just minutes
  • Rapid formula calculations for even the most complex spreadsheets
  • Power to design rich applications with PivotTables, charts, images, and business rules
  • Requires only basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Cost effective alternative to other products on the market
  • Flexible licensing options

Please visit our website,, for more information about the features of SpreadsheetWEB

Features and capabilities of SpreadsheetWEB.  

Components of SpreadsheetWEB

The Wizard – the actual program used in the conversion from an Excel file to a web-based application
Control Panel - a browser-based administrative tool running on our server, accessible over the Internet 

Illustration of SpreadsheetWEB's major components

With the SpreadsheetWEB Wizard, you can convert your spreadsheets into web-based applications and proceed to upload them to our servers. From there, they can be run as web applications.

The SpreadsheetWEB Control Panel allows you to manage your web applications that are stored on our servers. Additionally, it allows you to create users and groups, work with the SpreadsheetWEB database, integrate your web applications with your website or blog, and much more. 

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